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The Real Imaginary Framed Existence of Ringhead and Loon (2005-2006)

​​Forces: Any​

Michael Finnissy - prepared piano
Adam de la Cour - voice, live sampler/delay effects
Alan Witts - Guitars

“The page is a time and sound field, in which the space - and what fills it - suggests possibilities to the performer(...)The piece has a very rich iconography - drawing not only on 'comics' but on the film and TV derivatives of them. The soundtracks to earlier film and TV adaptations, and many of these are 'generic' (horror-movies, gangster-movies, sci-fi and cult/underground material), are also potent and suggestive sources(...)there is a sense of change, and of time passing, but not to any particular purpose. No peripeteia and no closure." Michael Finnissy​

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