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Three Boxes and a Cube:

Box 1: The Amputee (2004)

Box 2: The Foetus on the sofa (2006)

Box 3: The Mirror Dwarf (2006)

Cube (2007)

Three collapsable cubes made up of six 15 x 15 cm panels made of mild steel, machine engraved and held together with five modified piano hinges.


Solid brass cube 7.1 x 7.1 x 7.1 cm, machine engraved.

Constructed by John Delacour.

The sculptures are an homage to various films.

Their recorded results are featured on the album The Best of 'Futility Music" - Volume 1:

Box 1: The Amputee​   (2004)

Forces: quarter-tone tuned e.guitar/2 hairdryers/VCR hum/breathing/laughter​

Duration: ​3'33"

As with all three boxes, the piece is governed by bracketed frame-notation.

Box 2: The Foetus on the Sofa​   (2006)

Forces: 2 vacuum cleaners/vocalist in foetal position on a sofa/'daemon' voice/sample of a cat purr​

Duration: ​6'38"

The gaps in the outer text for this part, are a direct reference to Duchamp's With Hidden Noise.

Box 3: The Mirror Dwarf​   (2006)

Forces: 3 video cameras producing feedback/sample of a bird's wings flapping/sample of dwarf laughter/chef's torch​

Duration: ​5'16"

Cube​   (2007)

Forces: Box 1, Box 2, Box 3, morse code

Duration: ​?

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