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Papa - 2004

Video part for Mama.

Filmed on Super 8

Concept/Cameraman - Adam de la Cour

Hammer-man - James Fosberry

Ball-bouncer - Reuben Cain

'You Could Play This With Your Eyes Closed Tuition Video' with Benny the Clown - 2005

Video part for Clown, a Circus.

Concept/Cameraman - Adam de la Cour

Benny the Clown - as himself

Game-Hate-Box - 2007

Video part for Game-Hate-Box.

Filmed with iSight

Concept - Adam de la Cour

Audio - Adam de la Cour

Suited men:
Reuben Cain

Adam de la Cour

Zipperface Reloaded - 2008

Cameraman - Anthony Jarman

Audio recorded and mixed by Joe Turner

Video editors - Adam de la Cour/Reuben Cain

Here's The Pitch - 2011

Produced for Den Lennie's Music Video Masterclass 2011:

Director - James Tonkin
DOP - Den Lennie
concept/storyboard - Adam de la Cour

Music - Adam de la Cour
steadicam operator - James Elias
production manager - Sarah Carmody
production accountant  - Samantha Lennie
location manager - Trudie
lighting tech - Duncan Rice
DIT - Owen Silverwood
making of camera - John Gillan
post production - Hangman Studios
colourist - Dan Moran
VFX - Andrew Philip
sound design - Alan Witts
Franklin Cachia, Thomas Chrisohoidis, Simon Duncan, David Esp, Mark Hessel, Solve Huse-Amundsen, Adrian Mathie, Aristotelis Misopapas, Daniel Nakamura-Craig, Lars Opstad, Sergio Pizzolante, Ingo Traub
Special Thanks
Byron Wijayawardena
Alan Witts - The Victim
Jon Howarth - Shoot Blue
Blackmagic Design
Hangman Studios
David Enthoven
Produced by
Den Lennie
James Tonkin
Executive Producer
Den Lennie



Shadow Prophets Trailer - 2012

Trailer for the squib-box opera Shadow Prophets

Cameraman - Adam de la Cour

Audio - Federico Reuben

Video editors - Adam de la Cour/Neil Luck

Drumstick - 2012

​For The Voice and the Lens

Concept - Bruce McLean and Adam de la Cour

Cameraman - David Barnett

Video editors - David Barnett and Sam Belinfante

Audio - Adam de la Cour

​Sound engineer - Alan Witts

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