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The Best of "Futility Music" - Volume 1

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Track Listing:

1. mama
2. Box 1: The amputee
3. Box 2: The foetus on the sofa
4. Box 3: The mirror dwarf
5. Field Test (Cube)

Commercial album, designed as a DIY audio pack to be used in the implementation of enhanced interrogation. The CIA and MI5 no longer have to rely on Barney the Dinosaur

The first four tracks of the album are to be used as material for the ‘sensory bombardment’ (enhanced interrogation) of a detainee. Three large speakers projecting this material were placed in three rooms of a disused house, in which the detainee was subjected to various forms of simulated torture; drowning, gagging, strangulation and being beaten with rolled up magazines, the recorded results of which were then juxtaposed with american ‘roots music’ pastiche.

Track 5: Field Test (Cube) is the layered recording of three interrogation sessions which took place on the 18th of June 2009.

Cast & Crew:

Adam de la Cour — original concept, vocals (tracks 1, 2, 3, 5), guitar (track 2), detainee (track 5)
Alan Witts — Sound engineer (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4), vacuum performer no.2 (track 3)
Joe Turner — Sound engineer (track 5), head torturer (track 5)
James Fosberry — Sound engineer (track 1)
Paul Spencer — (sound engineer track 2), laughter (track 2)
Mark Knoop — Piano (track 5)
Richmond Stockwell — Drums (track 5)
Vicky Wright — Bass Clarinet (track 5)
Peter Willcock — Baritone voice (track 5)
Ben Piggott — Laughter (track 2)
James Cole — Laughter (track 2)
Reuben Cain — torturer (track 5)
Ian Monk — torturer (track 5)
Sam Nesbitt — Photogra phy, graphic design
Tom Hunt — Interrogator (Album sleeve)
A big thanks to Charlie Rivers for providing the recording space for track 5


All music written by Adam de la Cour Copyright (2004–2009) except piano part (track 5) which is an arrangement of “They Always Pick On Me” by Harry Von Tilzer (1911)

Produced by Adam de la Cour, Alan Witts, Joe Turner
Mastered by Alan Witts
Score sculptures for Three Boxes and a Cube constructed by John Delacour

Distribution Partner — squib-box

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