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Spectacle Comics

The gents at Spectacle Comics have asked me a couple of times to provide cover artwork for their comics, see examples below.


The Sentinels, cover (2008)


Ink on paper

Based on the characters of Ross Webster's Sentinels universe, I was asked to create a cover for the bumper annual that pays homage to the classic Marvel style, as seen on the classic comic Avengers (vs X-Men) #53 (1963).


Ross describes it in full: On the left side, the Spectacular Sentinels (top to bottom): Shock, The Neanderthal, Serenity & Gullman. On the right, the Extraordinary Xoo including (top to bottom) Wingspan, Hive, Disgruntled Horse and George Stereotype. In the centre we have that manipulative, mind-bending, villain the all-powerful Paradox!

The XII (#6), June cover (2013)


Ink on paper

Coloured by Benjamin Piggott

The above example adorned the cover of issue 6 of their series The XII. Co-founder Ben Piggott gives a description of this specific project.


"The XII started out as a challenge, to plan, write, draw and ink a comic in 48 hours. It soon became clear that this was an inhuman feat, and so its co-creators shifted gears and instead tried to make it half-decent. It follows the misadventures of one Oliver Clarence Dogg, chosen by the twelve gods of the year to perform a task for each. The fate of the world lies in the balance, or does it? He's helped and hindered in equal measures by his flourescent feline familiar and part-time superheroic housemate. The comic is a collaboration between Ross Webster and Ben Piggott, who share writing, drawing and inking duties, while roping in friends and accomplices, with a different artist providing the cover image each month. The XII was first published in a six-month run from January to June of 2013 and the second half of Olly's adventures will run from July to December of 2014."



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