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Shadow Prophets  (2011)

One-hour long quasi-opera, an absurdist take on current affairs, politics, high art and 80s sci-fi movies. Originally commissioned by Miniere Sonore festival, Sardinia, the piece is scored for a mixed ensemble of a total of 9 performers. Vocal parts and live electronics are performed by squib-box.

Forces: Tenor Saxophone or Bass Clarinet, Bass, Harp, Piano, Male of Female voice (chorus)

This is a collaborative squib-box opera, squib-box are Federico Reuben, Neil Luck and Adam de la Cour. The libretto was written by the unique force of nature known as Matthew Lee Knowles.

The pieces wot I wrote are found below -

Oh Bummer, Bin Lyin'? - 

O'bummer preaches from his soap-box, with funk-rock interludes. The piece ends with a patriotic rendition of the Kenyan National Anthem.

Skywalker - 

Luke is on the psychiatrist's couch, until the ensemble enters hyperdrive, launching them all into a Chas & Dave inspired sing-along.

Bungasconi - 

A depraved Bunga party with a Latin/Spaghetti-Western/Black Metal theme .

Machine Gun Aria - 

The spirit of Colonel Gadaffi goes on its final rampage.

A few clips from the premiere perofrmance squib-box's opera 'Shadow Prophets' - Miniere Sonore Festival, Sardinia, 2011

Soundhub Showcase Concert, Friday 22 June 2012, LSO St Luke's

Shadow Prophets Trailer

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