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H (Tokyo dwift v5.1)Adam de la Cour
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Forces: Any

Duration: ?

H (Hentai) is a comic score that was commissioned by Michael Finnissy.

H was written a year or so after The Real Imaginary Framed Existence of Ringhead and Loon and whereas the former borrowed mainly from the western comic tradition, H is filled with as much Japanese Manga cliches as i could squeeze into such a short work.  Common themes such as Bakunyuu (large breasted women), bukkake, tentacle sex and the H bomb (of which the title could also refer) are included in the imagery alongside the abundant use of sound effects of which Japanese comics are specialist. This is what initially drew me to this particular medium; Manga are noisy.

​The recorded version featured here was performed by Michael Finnissy on piano. Various wind up toys were also used. One of the microphones used to record the piece was strapped to a remote control car, and samples of two large explosions were added in the mix.

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