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The following three short films are spread out across Adult Swim UK and Adult Swim Smalls. They're loosely connected by the presence of a bird's head. Someone once described them as featuring an SCP...I had to look that up, but okay.

PUZZL (2018)

Dentata Solutions (2019)

In-House as part of Adult Swim Smalls: Volume 5 - Year In Review (2021)

Other short films...

Uncle Bingo (2018)



These are film and video works that constitute part of a live, musical performance, usually by acting as part of a score for the performer.

Transplant the Movie! Concert performance (2016)

Transplant the Movie 2! Highlights Reel! (2018)



Collaborative film & video work.

Lust Lake (Neil Luck) (2023)

Drumstick (Bruce McLean) (2012)

Hammerklavier Part 1 (Michael Finnissy & Zubin Kanga) (2019)

Batsu!!! Humiliating Music for Guitar - Pilot show-reel (Neil Luck, Matthew Lee Knowles, Pauline Delacour) (2009/13)

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